Crete Birding

The best wetland site in western Crete

The lake area is best viewed from the western walkway at the pump station. There is a taverna just to the rear of the pumphouse on the access road.

There is a walk now that goes south along the dam, over a footbridge into the woodland seen at the bottom left of the photo, this then goes east along the south edge of the lake, there are one or two places giving limited views of the water through the overgrown tall grasses [Bamboo]. On the north side you can also view the lake from the taverna.

Directions from Chania .

From the main national highway at the junction to Omalos/Samaria road head towards Omalos(set your car trip to zero) travel 6.5km take the turn right at the village of Agia, just past the large church. There is a large sign with a swan directing to the lakeside taverna. Continue 0.6km to a left hand bend, take the gravel track on the right, as depicted on the left of the Google Earth image above, the lake and parking is 50 metres.


      lake from the footbridge towards the pump station looking north 14-10-2009

  Footbridge from the wooded area from the southern edge of the lake again looking north 14-10-2009

   Looking south towards the White mountains 10-01-2013      Looking south along the western walkway towards the footbridge